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4 Great AR-15 Stripped Lower Receivers

Building an AR-15 is a rewarding, satisfying venture. However, choosing the right parts is very important, and one of the most critical parts is your stripped lower receiver. Legally, this is the heart of the gun as it is the serialized part that requires transfer through a licensed dealer. Choosing the best stripped lower can be as simple as choosing a price point or as complex as selecting between a cast or forged billet lower. All have their advantages. Buying to a price point keeps you within budget, a cast lower is perfectly strong, but forged billets have a prestige factor and a higher level of mechanical strength. Finding the best AR-15 stripped lower shouldn’t be hard though, and in fact we found three great ones!

Seekins Precision Billet

One of the best stripped AR lowers you can buy, this high quality billet lower from Seekins features a built in trigger guard, an advanced magwell that makes loading your rifle quicker and easier, and a shaped front section to make gripping your rifle even easier than before. If you want to stand out from the crowd, or build a real high speed, low drag rifle with a premium grade lower, this is the one for you.

Current Price $249 – Click Here For More Info

Anderson Stripped Lower

Probably the consistently lowest priced lower on the market, there is nothing wrong with Anderson lowers. They are used in zillions of builds at all price ranges, and demonstrate how much a name can add to the price of a standardized part. I’ve seen many MOA and sub MOA rifles built on Anderson lowers for ar-15 manufacturers, there is certainly no reason why you could not do the same. Go ahead and pull the trigger on one or a half dozen. At that price, you can certainly sock a few away for a rainy day.

Current Price $49 – Click Here For More Info

Ruger Stripped Lower

Sometimes you pay for a name, and sometimes paying for that name also gets you access to legendary levels of service, quality and performance. Just like nobody was ever fired for buying IBM, nobody ever felt cheated for buying a Ruger. If you don’t want to buy an entire Ruger AR-15, then you can count this as one of the best AR-15 lower receivers and make it the heart of your next build. If nothing else, it shows an appreciation for a generations old American gun manufacturer.

Current Price $109 – Click Here For More Info

Choosing the Best Stripped Lower

The brutal reality is for the majority of AR-15 builders, as long as you aren’t buying something like “Bubba Bill’s Trailerpark Lower” or something equally sketchy sounding, you’ll be fine. Only a handful of companies make the castings, and a great many more finish them and put their name on them. Unless you want something unique and custom tailored to a specialty market like the Seekins lower we looked at, you’ll be fine with any respectable brand you buy. Pick the best AR-15 lower for your needs and most importantly budget, and focus on the fun of building your next gun!

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