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Best AR-15 Barrel

They say buy the best trigger, barrel and bolt you can afford for your AR-15 and the rest is all something of a wash anyway. And this is pretty much true. A fancy name brand lower sold by some guy with a tactical beard is useless if you put a garbage barrel on your gun. You are going to want the best AR-15 barrel you can afford. 3-4 MOA is the standard accuracy for a barrel, and quite frankly that is boring. I’ve had AK’s that were more accurate. Let’s look at some of the best AR-15 barrels you can buy right now.

FN AR-15 Lightweight Barrel

FN makes barrels for the US military, you should let them make your barrel too. Built to military spec, it’s hard to go wrong with an FN barrel. Designed for long life, accuracy and reliable performance, this barrel is chrome lined and phosphate finished, just like the ones used by military forces around the globe. For about $250, it’s hard not to deny that this is one of the best AR-15 accessory on the market right now.

Current Price $189 – Click Here For More Info

Brownells B-Tac Barrels

Sometimes the best AR-15 barrels are the most affordable. Built with accuracy enhancing nitrided bore, these are both affordable and suitable for most builds. Available in 10.5” pistol and 16” carbine lengths, these two popular lengths will meet the needs of most home builders and small scale gunsmiths. And at these crazy affordable prices, there is no real reason not to use a B-Tac barrel in your next budget build. Unless you need true match grade accuracy, you can shoot these barrels with confidence.

Current Price $85 – Click Here For More Info

Criterion Barrels

Hey, this article is about the barrels, so we’d be stupid not to mention Criterion. Available in 18” and 20”, these match grade fluted stainless steel barrels are suitable for literally anything you want to do with an AR-15, from casual shooting, to tactical use, to match shooting and hunting. If you want the best, take a good hard look at Criterion and then consider pulling the trigger on one of these incredible bad boys.

Current Price $360 – Click Here For More Info

Faxon Flame Fluted Barrels

Great functionality? Oh yeah. Unique visually appealing fluting? Yup. Air gauged barrels with target crown built with a fanatical dedication to quality. Sure thing! We are of course talking about the Faxon flame fluted barrels, which are available in 16”, 18” and 20” lengths for most any rifle or carbine build. Faxon has long defined high quality AR-15 budget uppers for sale
, which translates to incredible shooting for you. Check one out, you’ll be glad you did.

Current Price $99 – Click Here For More Info


While the best AR-15 barrel is somewhat subjective, we can all agree a barrel is the true heart and soul of your AR-15. A bad barrel will make for an unpleasant rifle, while a high quality barrel makes for a true joy and pleasure to shoot. Choose your barrel carefully, it will last for thousands of rounds and define you and your rifle for a long time.

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