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Best AR-15 Collapsible Stocks

Chances are pretty high you have an AR-15 with a collapsible stock. And if you do, it’s probably a pretty standard M4 style stock. Well, we aren’t writing about those. They are boring. Sure they work, but nobody gets worked up over bone stock. This is about the best collapsible AR-15 stocks. Everything here is a bit different, there isn’t much that can be done to make a standard stock better than it is, but there are a lot of great ways to make collapsible stocks and find out how to get your cheap ar-15 uppers for sale. Check ‘em out, they beat the heck out of the cheapy that ships on most factory guns.

Vltor Emod Collapsible Stock

Longer and more comfortable than standard M4 stocks, this is the best collapsible stock for anyone needing more room to use their scope, taller people, and those who appreciate a stock built around the ergonomics of human beings rather than mass production. As a bonus, it includes built-in storage compartments and QD swivel holes. Hands down, this is one of the most comfortable stocks you’ll shoot.

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Daniel Defense Collapsible Stock

The best collapsible stock is comfortable, offers a superior cheek weld, and might have QD sockets. Daniel Defense bundles all of that in a single somewhat traditional looking stock that is still more advanced than the boring hard plastic ones most of us are using. With a soft rubber overmolding for an extremely comfortable cheek weld, it’s hard not to love this ergonomic and comfortable collapsible stock.

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Magpul MOE Collapsible Stock

Built of high strength polymer with a wide comb for more comfortable and accurate shooting and better cheek rest, the Magpul MOE is certainly a contender for the best collapsible stock. Built with people who carry AR-15’s professionally in mind, the MOE is built to be snag proof, easy to shoulder, and tough enough for almost anything you can throw at it. I’ve seen these on sub MOA rifles, and high end tactical guns, what better endorsement do you need?

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Lyman Adjustable Collapsible Stock

There is a growing trend to produce collapsible stocks that also have adjustable cheek rests and buttplates. These stocks are perfect for match target shooting as they shape the stock to fit the unique needs of an individual shooter instead of being one size fits all setups. This makes them some of the best collapsible stocks you can buy for your ar-15 accessory collection. While some can be almost prohibitively expensive, you can increasingly find great values as market demand grows. This one is no exception and if you need a collapsible and adjustable stock for your AR-15, here it is.

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Choosing the Best Collapsible Stock

Tactical shooting? Sport shooting? Hunting? Target shooting? Some combination thereof? It’s a quiet secret that a well built AR-15 can fill all of those roles, requiring at best a simple change of optics. However your choice of collapsible stock often defines the primary role of your rifle. Find the stock that fits you and your rifle best and you’ll be good to go.

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