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The Best AR-15 Manufacturers

Are you looking for the best AR-15 manufacturers? Well prices are at amazing historic lows, and there is no better time to buy one than now! The market is awash with everything from tried and true brands to companies who stockpiled wholesale parts dumping kits and weird generic branded guns as fast as they can. In light of all that confusion, we pulled 5 of the best AR-15 manufacturers for you to consider, with something for nearly every budget.

Aero Precision AC-15

Aero sells guns under their own name and many others. So you might as well get the one they are proud enough to put their name on. A pretty standard mid length gas system AR-15, the AC-15 is everything you need in an entry level rifle. Add your choice of rear sight or optic, and you are ready to go. Experienced and first time shooters alike will appreciate the quality and construction of this very affordable cheap upper at AR15upperreceiver.net

Current Price $545 – Click Here For More Info

DPMS Oracle

The ultimate AR-15? You decide. The DPMS Oracle is well known for being a quality rifle, and this one is ready for you to customize to your heart’s desire. Featuring a uniquely designed and more comfortable to use collapsible buttstock than the standard M-4 style, you’ll find the Oracle is ready for most any purpose you might have for an AR-15. Add sights or optics and hit the range!

Current Price $449 – Click Here For More Info

FN F15 M4 Replica

This is an exciting and certainly one of the best AR-15’s out there. An as close to legally possible replica of the same M4 rifles being issued to American soldiers, this is perfect for the collector, or somebody who appreciates high quality rifles. Featuring a standard quad rail, this “just like issued” rifle deserves a place of pride and honor in your gun collection. Perfect for a first or only AR, if it’s good enough for our troops, it’s certainly good enough for you!

Current Price $1,599 – Click Here For More Info

Bushmaster QRC

A rarity in the world of entry level AR-15’s, this might be the best out of the box AR-15 because it includes a red dot sight, making it completely ready to go once you unpack it. Another wallet friendly charmer, the QRC is a reminder that we are living in a golden age of AR-15 availability and should probably take advantage of that while the good times are rolling. Remember, the best AR-15 is the one you own.

Current Price $599 – Click Here For More Info

Daniel Defense DDM4V9

A perfect compromise between benchrest accuracy and precision, and close quarter battle rifle, Daniel Defense brings us the best AR-15 in a one size fits nearly all needs package. Built to be easy handling, accurate and adaptable to most any mission or use, this is a real rarity in the AR-15 world because it actually pulls off the multi use role with great effectiveness. You won’t regret buying this one as it is one of the best AR-15 Upper Receivers For Sale.

Current Price $1,600 – Click Here For More Info


Picking the best AR-15 brand or manufacturer can be a daunting task, but right now is a great time to get one. Select based on your budget and end use needs and you’ll have little trouble picking one out.

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