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Best AR-15 Collapsible Stocks

Chances are pretty high you have an AR-15 with a collapsible stock. And if you do, it’s probably a pretty standard M4 style stock. Well, we aren’t writing about those. They are boring. Sure they work, but nobody gets worked up over bone stock. This is about the best collapsible …

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4 Great AR-15 Stripped Lower Receivers

Building an AR-15 is a rewarding, satisfying venture. However, choosing the right parts is very important, and one of the most critical parts is your stripped lower receiver. Legally, this is the heart of the gun as it is the serialized part that requires transfer through a licensed dealer. Choosing …

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Best AR-15 Barrel

They say buy the best trigger, barrel and bolt you can afford for your AR-15 and the rest is all something of a wash anyway. And this is pretty much true. A fancy name brand lower sold by some guy with a tactical beard is useless if you put a …

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The Best AR-15 Manufacturers

Are you looking for the best AR-15 manufacturers? Well prices are at amazing historic lows, and there is no better time to buy one than now! The market is awash with everything from tried and true brands to companies who stockpiled wholesale parts dumping kits and weird generic branded guns …

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How To Install An Upper Receiver Video & Guide

Intro Installing your AR-15 upper is a surprisingly simple task.  All AR uppers are held in place by two pins in the lower receiver.  Each pin is retained in the lower by use of a detent and spring, ensuring they cannot be lost or fall out during normal use.  In …

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Upgrading To A 2 Stage Trigger

Upgrading to a two stage trigger on your favorite AR-15 isn’t as daunting a prospect as it might seem. Like nearly everything on the AR, it is fairly simple to take apart and reassemble, so the first think you should do is remove the upper on your gun. Make sure …

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