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Cheap AR Uppers

Right now is one of the best times in history to buy AR-15 uppers on a budget. Cheap AR uppers don’t have to mean cheap quality and in fact more likely represent the incredible bargains you can get in a world of mass produced parts that currently have more supply than demand. There is no sign of this marketplace glut going away anytime soon, so let’s take a look at some of the best budget AR-15 Upper Receivers For Sale out there right now. Remember, you should take advantage of this bargains now, because there will come a time when you’ll remember this golden age of AR-15’s and wish you’d taken advantage of it.

Top 5 Budget AR Uppers

Brownells 300 Blackout KeyMod Upper

The words “crazy cheap” come to mind when looking at this high quality budget upper. Chambered in the increasingly popular .300 Blackout and fitted with a free float KeyMod handguard, this upper just needs the bolt carrier group, charging handle and sights/optic of your choice to be ready to go. For well under $250, you can use the savings on your upper to get some really nice glass to put on it.

Current Price $239 – Click Here For More Info

Radical Firearms Midlength Upper

For just under $220 this budget upper is incredibly hard to beat. Add a BCG, charging handle and sights and you are done. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, with a special Radical Firearms free floating handguard featuring QD swivel attachment points, this upper is a powerful reminder of the huge variety of cheap, quality uppers that are flooding the market right now. Don’t let opportunities like this pass you by.

Current Price $220 – Click Here For More Info

DPMS Complete Upper

Many budget uppers do not ship with a bolt carrier group and charging handle. While this is nice if you want to use a premium BCG, or charging handle there is nothing wrong with standard parts either. And for about $320, who cares? This is a complete, ready to use upper that only needs your choice of sights or optic. Slap a red dot on top or another ar-15 accessory, and that’s it. A complete upper for this price is almost unheard of. Take advantage of it while you can.

Current Price $329 – Click Here For More Info

Radical Firearms .300 Blackout Pistol Upper

Same deal as other budget uppers, add the BCG, handle and sights of your choice. Build a fun to shoot and own 8.5” barrel .300 pistol (or jump through the hoops to build a legal SBR). $219.99 cheap doesn’t mean low quality. You’ll love this upper as much as you’ll love the gun you can build around it. Makes a great companion to a .300 rifle.

Current Price $219 – Click Here For More Info

Picking the Best Budget Upper

Budget uppers often lack bolt carrier groups, charging handles, and may not have the most advanced handguards. However for most of us, some sort of free float handguard (or even a standard handguard) is good enough, and quite frankly I’d rather buy a premium BCG and charging handle with some of the money I saved by buying a budget upper. Find the one you like and enjoy the savings.