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Complete Upper Receivers For Sale

Intro – 5 Great Complete AR-15 Upper Receivers For 2017

Not all uppers are created equally. Sure, there are basic standards pretty much everybody adheres to, but beyond that, you’ve got a bewildering array of uppers to choose from. Well, now you only have to pick from the five top ar-15 complete upper receivers of 2017, and in no particular order, we’ve got ’em below for you.

The High Standard flat top upper:

flat top upper receiver itemflat top upper receiverThe High Standard is typical of a common stripped upper. It’s not crazy high end, nor is it so cheap as to make you wonder if it is actually a quality part. A rock solid blue collar upper, it comes ready to assemble with the upper parts kit of your choice. A fine upper for somebody looking to build an AR from scratch, working on something a little nicer than a bare bones budget build, or who simply wants a bone stock upper. It’s really hard to go wrong with this one, unless you want something higher end.

Current Price $119 – Click Here For More Reviews

The good folks at American Spirit Arms:

American Spirits Arms offer up a nice side charging upper.  Side charging AR’s are becoming more popular due to their more traditional operation, and ease of use. As an added bonus, they are simply something different, and in a market flooded with nearly identical products, anything that stands out and is functional is a good thing, right? Bottom line, this is the upper for those who not only appreciate the finer things in life, but also the more unusual things in life.  Sure, it’s a bit odd, and a bit pricey, but if you are looking at a side charger, you might as well start and stop here.

Current Price $349 – Click Here For More Reviews

Do you need a good assembled upper? Well, Aero Precision:

Aero Precision offers a fantastic bargain. Why so affordable? The secret is that Aero provides uppers to many famous name manufacturers along with selling under it’s own in house label. Bottom line, you’ve probably seen an Aero on a more expensive gun, but with a more expensive name on it. Fully assembled and ready to install the barrel of your choice on, this is probably the gold standard of uppers.  Never hurts to buy straight from the manufacturer and save a few bucks, especially when you know it’s from a company as good as Aero Precision.

Current Price $99 – Click Here For More Reviews

Coming up in the high end of things, the Mega Machine Megalithic Upper:

The mega Machine Megalithic Upper is a single piece, monolithic upper. This means the KeyMod compatible handguard is part of the upper itself, instead of being attached to the barrel nut. What this translates to is improved accuracy by virtue of fewer parts, and a rock solid platform to mount optics and sights on. While traditional handguards can flex or even work loose, a monolithic upper will remain as solid as the Rock of Gibralter.  Sure it’s a bit pricey, but accuracy has it’s price, and this is a surprising affordable price for accuracy.

Current Price $636 – Click Here For More Reviews

Vltor builds better uppers:

Made thicker than a standard upper, it’s stronger, and can handle more strain than a standard upper. This is a case where buying a name really matters. Shipping fully assembled, it’s ready for your barrel and bolt carrier group.  This is a great choice for building an accurized target or hunting rifle, or even a tactical AR. After all, if you want something other than a run of the mill gun, shouldn’t you get something other than a run of the mill upper? As an added bonus, it doesn’t even cost much more than a normal upper.

Current Price $199 – Click Here For More Reviews

Here you have it folks. The five top upper receiver brands of 2017. We are heading into a hotly contested presidential election that could greatly influence the gun market. Grab one, or all five of these before they vanish from the market!