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How To Install An Upper Receiver Video & Guide


Installing your AR-15 upper is a surprisingly simple task.  All AR uppers are held in place by two pins in the lower receiver.  Each pin is retained in the lower by use of a detent and spring, ensuring they cannot be lost or fall out during normal use.  In normal use, you’ll only push out the rear takedown pin, and allow the upper to pivot upwards on the forward takedown pin for cleaning, access to the fire control group and whatnot.


Before installing your lower for the first time, make sure your takedown pins are properly installed by pressing them closed into place.  Here is where you’ll catch the fact you forgot to put in the detent, or did it right.  Next, push the pins back out, if they are stiff, use a narrow screwdriver or even the tip of a cartridge to push them out.  Now look at your upper, you’ll notice that there are two protrusions that  neatly line up with the two takedown pins.  Set the upper on top of the lower, and push it around a bit to align everything if needful. Push one pin in, using a bit of pressure if needed. Don’t worry, a slightly tight fit is to be expected. You can oil the pins if you like, but after a couple times of pushing the pins in and out, the finish on them and the lower will wear enough to not require as much force as the initial install.  Press the second pin in, and you are done! Upper installed! For buying your own if this sounds like to much work – you can always check out our page here – http://ar15upperreceiver.net/cheap-ar-uppers/ 

Double Checking For Safety

Now that you’ve successfully installed your upper, now is the time to test and make sure you did everything right. Remove any magazine you might have in the magwell, pull back the charging handle and lock the bolt into place by pressing the bolt catch on the right side of the upper.  Now make sure you have a clear chamber by visually inspecting the chamber. Now go ahead and release the bolt, and test the safety, then you can point the gun in a safe direction and dry fire it.  Did everything work? Fantastic! You’ve just finished putting your AR together and are ready for a trip to the range.

Taking Apart Your AR15 Upper Receiver

Taking apart your AR is just as easy as putting it together. Easier actually, because generally you only need to push out one pin. The pin closest to the buffer tube is called the rear takedown pin, and is the one you’ll normally press out when cleaning. There is no need to separate the upper from the lower in most cases, unless you are replacing a damaged upper or swapping out a different one. The AR-15 is a ridiculously simple gun once you’ve spent a few minutes with it to familiarize yourself with the various finer points of assembly and operation.  Installing or removing the upper is a matter of literal seconds, and demonstrates the value of a highly modular weapons system, and the ability to swiftly change calibers and configurations with just a couple of pins. If you haven’t already researched make sure and find the right upper receiver for sale.

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