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Upgrading To A 2 Stage Trigger

Upgrading to a two stage trigger on your favorite AR-15 isn’t as daunting a prospect as it might seem. Like nearly everything on the AR, it is fairly simple to take apart and reassemble, so the first think you should do is remove the upper on your gun. Make sure your AR is unloaded, press the two pins holding the upper in place and remove it.  The rest of it is about as simple.

ar15 2 stage trigger

The primary reason to upgrade to a two stage trigger is improving accuracy and doing away with the barely adequate trigger that ships on so many AR’s these days.  A two stage trigger offers a long, easy take up, and then a easy and clean break as opposed to the stiff, hard pull to fire a single stage trigger.  So now that you are ready to upgrade, now what?

Many two stage triggers come in a single drop in unit.  Press out the two pins holding your old trigger in place (you may need to use a hammer and punch here), remove the old trigger, and then simply place the new trigger assembly in place, press the trigger pins back into place, and you should be done! If your two stage trigger comes in several pieces, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to align all the parts inside your lower, press the two trigger pins back in, and you are in business.

It really isn’t much more complicated than this, especially if you get a true drop in trigger assembly.  AR-15 triggers are some of the easiest triggers to install and work on, and if you can follow basic instructions, you can change a trigger out in just a couple of minutes. Now you may ask, do I REALLY need to upgrade to a two stage trigger?

Well, as we already touched on, there are distinct advantages to doing so. Do you like accurate shooting? Do you like being able to take slow, carefully aimed shots? Do you like not having your gun thrown off it’s aim because you shifted it a little while using a single stage trigger? If you answered yes to any of those, then a two stage trigger upgrade should be in your future.

The fact is a two stage trigger is the top choice of skilled shooting professionals everywhere and a great AR-15 accessory.  It offers a repeatable consistency for each shot, allows for more careful aiming and is proven to improve accuracy.  There is only so much you can safely do to improve the quality of a single stage trigger, before you are left with a “hair trigger” that may be ok for bench shooting, but is decidedly unsafe for hunting or self defense. Here, a two stage is an absolute must, as it allows for the lighter pull of a match grade trigger, but the long, deliberate pull of a single stage. While a light single stage may go off at a slight touch, you have to knowingly set off a single stage. Ultimately, upgrading to a two stage trigger is safer, more efficient and  more accurate.

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